Bug #348

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water misses lighting effects

Added by Crementif about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

Start date:
OpenGL, Vulkan
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The problem:
One of this game's most prominous graphical problems is the missing light effect which make scenes look dark or even hard to see. Below is a comparison:

Cemu Screenshot
Cemu Screenshot
Wii U Screenshot
Wii U Screenshot

How to replicate:
The issue generally seems to affect all kinds of gameplay which tends to be darker then the Wii U's colors, but it's very noticable in this specific cutscene so I'll just describe the steps to achieve this screenshot above.
It happens within the first 5 minutes of the tutorial/prologue chapter, but I've included a save for slightly faster access to it. You basically just have to follow the tutorial and you'll get to the specific cutscene I mentioned, can't really miss it.


  • Happens with both Vulkan and OpenGL
  • Through Nsight, I couldn't really see any light source that was dimmer, it seemed to be more like it wasn't rendering at all.
  • This issue is also likely related to the other, more minor graphical bugs which also have to do with lighting, but reports for those can be filed if the fix for this issue doesn't apply for those.
  • If you need more video footage or examples, I'd be glad to show more. Just kept it to a minimum for now.


savedata.dat (64 KB) savedata.dat Save file to replicate specific cutscene Crementif, 05/25/2020 03:09 AM



Updated by Crementif about 4 years ago

Here's a video on how to replicate this issue and where/when it precisely occurs after you load the provided save files. Forgot to include it.


Updated by Crementif about 4 years ago

Oh... I also forgot to mention that this game creates some weird errors in the log like. These might very well be the problem here.

[03:23:13] Unable to compile shader 68126366d42c1339
[03:23:13] OpenGL: Unsupported texture depth format 0x001a
[03:23:13] OpenGL: Unsupported texture depth format 0x001a

Updated by Seraphic about 4 years ago

I think that is an issue which has always been here from cemu 1.14.0 or even earlier.
I have reported it on issue #303 in March of CEMU version 1.17.4.
Also I find a graphic blur problem under Vulkan (I show it in my screenshots which is attached to my issue #303).


Updated by Zalnor about 4 years ago

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Thanks for pointing out the older bug report.
closed for being copy of issue #303

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