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09:27 PM Cemu Bug #625 (Closed): Skylanders Swap force graphical bug when increasing the resolution in the graphics pack
This bug tracker is for Cemu bugs and feature requests only, not for graphics pack related issues.
For those please ...


05:37 AM Cemu Bug #591 (Closed): Cemu Won’t Load BOTW
This site is for bugs only, not troubleshooting issues.
Please go to the official Cemu discord for troubleshooting s...


03:14 AM Cemu Feature requests #582 (Closed): Pause/Resume option from the Toolbar
There is no practical way to implement save states in cemu, and would have longer loading times then just restarting ... Zalnor


07:14 PM Cemu Feature requests #581 (Closed): Option to duplicate frames to 60hz in 30fps games
Adding something like this in cemu would be pointless as 30fps games already run at 60hz nativly. Thus show a frame f... Zalnor


07:12 AM Cemu Bug #567 (Closed): Emulator Lags When Using "Game Capture" in Streamlabs OBS
This bug tracker is for cemu bugs only. Cemu devs have no responsiablity to fix cemus compatability with 3rd party pr... Zalnor


05:43 AM Cemu Feature requests #561 (Closed): Add support for custom Pixel Aspect Ratios for CRT displays
Cemu already change aspect ratio of games via graphic packs, these are not "widescreen hacks" its just textures are n... Zalnor


01:53 AM Cemu Bug #555 (Closed): Skylanders Swap Force Portal Compatibility and Graphical Issues (Updated Post with Explanation Video)
Copy of issue #545 Zalnor
01:53 AM Cemu Bug #551 (Closed): Skylanders Swap Force Portal Compatibility and Graphical Issues
Copy of issue #545 Zalnor


07:50 PM Cemu Feature requests #547 (Closed): Cheats Feature
Cemu can never have a cheat system like dolphin, The memory addresses needed for wii u cheats are not the same for ce... Zalnor


10:21 PM Cemu Bug #530 (Closed): Instruction STHX not supported
This tracker is for cemu bugs, this could be driver or cemu side and is not considered a bug or issue. Zalnor

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