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12:34 AM Cemu Bug #599: Lego City Undercover - Graphics Bug
This only happens in the USA versions of Lego City Undercover and Lego Batman 2, not the EUR versions,
here is someo...


01:16 AM Cemu Bug #609 (New): Transformers Dark Spark - broken in Vulkan, works in OpenGL
Vulkan crashes before starting the first level, but OpenGL is fully playable Niko


04:46 AM Cemu Bug #608 (New): Cemu game profiles can't select graphics API
Right-click any game, edit game profile, try selecting OpenGL in graphics API, Cemu will use Vulkan anyway Niko
04:16 AM Cemu Bug #607 (New): Madden 2013 menu soft-lock
Can not go in-game, the menu infinitely tries to load a profile and will not stop trying no matter what. Niko
04:14 AM Cemu Bug #606 (New): Pokken Tournament Demo Graphics bugs
The full game used to have the same bugs, but when the full game was fixed, the demo was still broken. The demo can b... Niko
04:12 AM Cemu Bug #605: Black Ops 2 - Guest Controller Bugs
Also impacts Call of Duty Ghosts Niko
04:11 AM Cemu Bug #605 (New): Black Ops 2 - Guest Controller Bugs
Splitscreen multiplayer is broken, you can configure a Pro Controller for Player 2, but when you Press A, it thinks t... Niko
03:49 AM Cemu Bug #603 (New): Spongebob: Plankton's Robotic Revenge
Game crashes before completing the first level, with multiple issues
- Game gives you the wrong weapon
- Upgrading...
03:47 AM Cemu Bug #602: Lego Batman 3 Demo crashes
Also happens in LEGO Avengers Demo. Both the Lego Batman 3 demo and Lego Avengers demo are free to download on the eShop Niko
03:46 AM Cemu Bug #599: Lego City Undercover - Graphics Bug
Also happens in Lego Batman 2 Niko

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