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09:16 AM Cemu Bug #544: Mario Kart 8 Crashes using Vulkan
Turn off the 60FPS split screen mod when you're not playing splitscreen.
It's know to cause a crash from what I've seen
09:14 AM Cemu Bug #549 (New): Fatal Frame / Project Zero 12th drop hard lock eshop
If you play through the 12th drop with the eShop release of Fatal Frame the game will hard lock when you're trying to... chriztr


04:26 PM Cemu Bug #516: Fatal Frame / Project Zero 4th drop soft lock eshop
Forgot to add a game save.
Unsure if this crash is the same as #415, but #450 #414 are about the same crash
04:21 PM Cemu Bug #516 (New): Fatal Frame / Project Zero 4th drop soft lock eshop
Desc about the crash:
Defeated the two first ghost in the 4th drop with the eshop release of the game and it soft lo...


07:03 PM Cemu Bug #510 (Closed): WGI input becomes unresponsive if you click away from Cemu
In short, if you set up your input device with the WGI input, load a game and click on something else than cemu while... chriztr


07:57 AM Cemu Bug #433: Fatal Frame 5 camera fixed on vertical mode.
Khodak wrote:
> Camera is always on vertical no matter what, tried many configs with both DS4 and Keyboard. I rememb...
07:54 AM Cemu Bug #443 (Resolved): Graphic packs settings window not adjustable / scroll-able.
The graphic packs window is resize-able, but not scroll-able with the new multiple choice packs rolling out these day... chriztr


09:34 AM Cemu Bug #366: Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water - Screen turns into four square boxes.
This seems to be fixed as of Cemu 1.21.2 chriztr


06:21 PM Cemu Bug #415 (Accepted): Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water eShop releases - Stalls on rendered cutscene 3rd drop
So after trying to troubleshoot this game a couple of times over at Cemu's Discord channel it came to my attention th... chriztr


04:32 PM Cemu Bug #406 (New): Installing System Apps places them in "mlc01\usr\title" instead of "mlc01\sys\title"
The subject says it all.
Base games installed through the title manager comes up twice in the title manager for what...

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