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01:18 AM Cemu Bug #43 (New): visual failures in all games of Taiko no Tatsujin
in the 3 versions of Taiko no Tatsujin in drum disappeared in this version as it is concerned to see for his skins ha... Edicion_Gamer


07:27 AM Cemu Bug #13 (Closed): Display game's loading image during shader loading/compilation design proposal
Here is a design of how it would look better distributed cache bar could put the nintendo logos on the sides Edicion_Gamer
06:57 AM Cemu Bug #12 (Accepted): Darksiders Warmastered Edition Wii U
the menu can not be seen has many visual errors but when entering the game is playable but with very low fps Edicion_Gamer
06:55 AM Cemu Bug #11 (Closed): Deus Ex: Human Revolution crash save
the game works perfect! only that when you leave the game and re-enter no longer charge the game is corrupted and you... Edicion_Gamer
06:52 AM Cemu Bug #10 (Closed): New super mario bros wii u
the game of new super mario bros wii u crashea to enter the game is black screen and closed in the menu all right at ... Edicion_Gamer
06:48 AM Cemu Bug #9 (In Progress): Resident Evil: Revelations crash in chapter 1
the crashing game in the identification weapon in mission 1 the image remains frozen and with that you can not play a... Edicion_Gamer

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