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Grey-out Specific GraphicPacks when certain conditions are specified in Rules.txt

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We have a lot of newbie users who love to enable everything at first glance thinking everything will work better that way, as we all know. This results in some rather repetitive questions each day that have to be troubleshooted.

I'll try to go over some examples.

For instance, if Cemu checks the currently active GPU it'll be using during its startup routine, it can then set certain packs as unavailable -- Such as the AMD and Intel packs (if the user has an Nvidia GPU), considering these specific workaround packs will only cause problems when enabled.

This could be set in the rules.txt with:

  • AMDOnly = True
  • IntelOnly = True
  • NvidiaOnly = True

When multiple are set to true, that specific pack would be allowed for both, such as the "AMD & Intel Shadows" would be both AMD and Intel.

Additionally, it would be nice if there was a way to disable certain graphicPacks that are incompatible with others, such as enabling FPS++ would then disable & grey-out Static FPS.

The way this could be done is if rules.txt was allowed a passive variable. _Disable = True

Essentially this means the pack would disable the pack in question if the path is available in another rules.txt, such as " path = "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild/Mods/Static FPS Mod" "

This would require "Static FPS Mod_Disable = True"


There are likely a variety of ways to achieve the desired affect, but hopefully you understand the concept.

In the end I feel this would keep some of the redundant questions at a bare minimum and feel it should be considered as a QoL change.



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