Bug #630

VSync not working in OpenGL

Added by hexaae about 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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GTX 1070 8GB


Visible screen tearing and not working vsync with OpenGL playing Zelda BOTW.
Even forcing from NVidia Profile Inspector VSync=ON does nothing... Looks like OGL mode in CEMU forces framerate cap with vsync disabled.
I have other OpenGL games perfectly working where VSync ON/OFF works as expected.

Gaming laptop ASUS GL703GS, Win 10, i7-8750H (6+6 cores), NVidia 1070 8GB, 32GB RAM, 1920x1080 144Hz G-Sync laptop screen, NVMe + SSD



Updated by hexaae about 2 years ago

YouTube video (especially visible after 0:20 )


Updated by hexaae about 2 years ago

Same with Vulkan anyway... tearing is visible looking around with RSTICK.


Updated by Exzap about 2 years ago

OpenGL application-controlled vsync is pretty unreliable. It's recommended to just use the vendor control panel vsync option for that.

The Vulkan vsync settings in Cemu should work just fine. Did you accidentally set vsync in Nvidia's control panel to "off" instead of "Use the 3D application setting"?


Updated by hexaae almost 2 years ago

I've discovered that setting Options > General settings > Graphics > Vulkan: Async=Off , Async shader compile=On, and from NVidia Profile Inspector for CEMU profile: Vertical Sync=Force On + Unknown settings enabled, at the bottom: 0x80857A28=0x00000001, 0x809D5F60=0x08000001, I finally got rid of tearing on my 1070 8GB (Max-P) + NVidia 512.96 SD.
Double or triple vsync settings from CEMU Graphics options didn't work and were causing heavy tearing on my system!

i7-8750h + 32GB RAM + 1070 8GB (Max-P) + Windows 10 + NVidia 512.96 SD + 1920x1080 144Hz display with G-Sync.


Updated by hexaae almost 2 years ago

... so VSync in OGL or VSync with Double/Triple buffering in VK, didn't work with Zelda BOTW (running modded at 60fps). Still tearing. Using VK with VSync=Off and forcing VSync from NVidia drivers solved my tearing issues.


Updated by hexaae almost 2 years ago

in comment #5 there's a typo: of course was "Vulkan: Vsync=Off" underlined, not Async.

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