Bug #48

Lego Dimensions causes Cemu to crash on startup

Added by bloodshot about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Version : 1.15.4b
Game : Lego Dimensions (w/ latest update)
Bug : Cemu crashes during lego dimension startup
Steps to reproduce :

  1. Start Lego Dimensions
  2. Lego dimension logo screen appears
  3. Cemu crashes (application exits)

Wii U Tests :
Here are some tests I did on my Wii U

The first test shows game response with a new wii u profile.

  • Launched Lego Dimensions game.
  • Lego dimension logo screen appears
  • Lego Dimension Toypad lights up
  • The following error code is displayed

Error Code:124-0221
Before you can make purchases or add funds directly from a software title, you must start Nintendo eShop at least once.

Nintendo eShop can be started from the Wii U Menu or HOME Menu.

The second test shows the game response with a wii u profile that has launched eShop once.

  • Launched Lego Dimensions game.
  • Lego dimension logo screen appears
  • Lego Dimension Toypad lights up
  • Game continues to boot

Additional Information:
Considering the information in Test 1, I suspect that Cemu crashes when the game attempts to detect the lego dimensions toypad. I went ahead and discovered a user on github that reverse engineered the lego dimensions protocol. The following links should assist Cemu in communicating with the lego dimensions toypad :


I tested the protocol on my Windows 10 machine and was able to communicate with the toypad using the supplied python test files.

If Cemu does not have a lego dimension toypad and or/game to test with, I can supply a brand new Wii U Lego Dimensions starter pack that includes it.

If you require any additional information and/or testing, please let me know.


log.txt (6.25 KB) log.txt bloodshot, 04/22/2019 01:26 AM
crashlog.txt (3.2 KB) crashlog.txt bloodshot, 04/22/2019 02:51 PM



Updated by bloodshot about 5 years ago

Attached is the log.txt file generated with Input API debug enabled.


Updated by bloodshot about 5 years ago

Upon further testing, I discovered a cemu build that loads Lego Dimensions perfectly. Here is a list of Cemu builds starting from 1.11.2 which worked up to 1.15.4

1.11.2 - WORKS
1.11.3 - WORKS
1.11.4 - Instant crash after start
1.11.5 - Same result as 1.11.4
1.11.6 - Same result as 1.11.4
1.12.0 - Same result as 1.11.4
1.12.1 - Same result as 1.11.4
1.12.2 - Same result as 1.11.4
1.13.0 - Same result as 1.11.4
1.13.1 - Same result as 1.11.4
1.13.2 - Same result as 1.11.4
1.14.0 - Same result as 1.11.4 but a windows debug window labeled "Wii U Emulator" appears.
1.15.0 - Same result as 1.14.0
1.15.1 - Same result as 1.14.0
1.15.2 - Same result as 1.14.0
1.15.3 - Initial lego screen appears then game crashes
1.15.4 - Same result as 1.15.3

It appears the regression started with Cemu build 1.11.4. Using build 1.11.2 or 1.11.3 works perfectly.


Updated by bloodshot about 5 years ago

I forgot to mention that 1.11.2 and 1.11.3 load the game perfectly but the toypad issue still persists as it is not detected. After reviewing changelogs, it appears 1.12.1 added USB support for it but due to the regression in 1.11.4, I am unable to test.


Updated by bloodshot about 5 years ago

Issue is still present in 1.15.5b patreon build.


Updated by bloodshot about 5 years ago

Attached crashlog.txt generated with regression build Cemu 1.11.4


Updated by bloodshot about 5 years ago

After further testing, both theboy181 and I discovered that ALL LEGO games except (Undercover and Batman) broke with Cemu 1.11.4 update. When testing on 1.11.3, everything works fine.


Updated by bloodshot about 5 years ago

I can confirm this issue has been resolved in 1.15.6.


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