Bug #281

Debugger R/W Breakpoints are Broken

Added by potatotomato about 4 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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So it seems that read/write breakpoints are broken. As for steps for reproducing the issue, in Breath of the Wild [US v208] with all DLC I found my arrow count using the memory search, which I verified by changing the value and seeing the amount update in-game, and then decided to see what assembly instruction was modifying that amount when I shot an arrow. So using the PPC Debugger, I set a write breakpoint on the address and shot an arrow which then stopped the game's execution at 0x02eb66c0 which is a lwz which is a load word instruction so there is no way that is modifying the arrow count. Also, I stepped forward one instruction and as expected the arrow count stayed the same. Though, I actually do know that the instruction that writes to the arrow count is at 0x02eb6768 so the debugger is stopping at the wrong assembly instruction.



Updated by Crementif about 4 years ago

In the meantime, you could try using the singlecore-interpreter CPU Mode in the game profile settings. Pretty sure interpreter was the only mode that allowed for stepping previously either so it's a better mode for debugging all around.


Updated by potatotomato about 4 years ago

Ah alright. Thanks.


Updated by potatotomato about 4 years ago

Okay so it seems to work with the interpreter but it's a little odd because the breakpoint triggers one instruction after the desired instruction.


Updated by Serfrost about 3 years ago

Last mention of Breakpoints was 1.22.2

  • Fixed memory breakpoints and made them work with our new threading code

However, this may still be broken.

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