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07:51 PM Cemu Feature requests #393 (Closed): NFC Menu Improvement - Recently Used
We used to have this issue in the past, it was fixed by adding the ability to drag and drop NFC files into the cemu w... Zalnor


01:29 AM Cemu Bug #382 (Closed): Zelda breath of the wild invisible room in Castle
That room renders fine on latest cemu, I recommend you reinstall the latest gpu drivers, and if that does not fix the... Zalnor


07:07 PM Cemu Feature requests #379 (Closed): Emulate account activation
Cemu will never be able to emulate those unique console files, they are unique to each console and the account file i... Zalnor


01:11 PM Cemu Bug #378 (Closed): Fatal Frame: Black Water Girl, Black Face, Brightness Error
Copy of issue #351 Zalnor


07:10 AM Cemu Bug #365 (Closed): 99% possible crash when upgrade bug Estu in forest Korok on vulkan in Zelda botw
Could not reproduce issue, make sure your game files arn't bad. Zalnor
06:50 AM Cemu Bug #324 (Closed): wxWidgets Debug Alert
usually a sign of bad game files or cemu language files not being up to date. could also be your VC Redist C++ instal... Zalnor
06:49 AM Cemu Bug #325 (Resolved): [BOTW]most recent Nvidia driver 445.87 vulkan graphic issue
Tested to be fixed as of cemu version 1.19.2 on nvidia driver 446.14 Zalnor
06:46 AM Cemu Bug #332 (Resolved): Don't load base game when update is also available in the mlc folder
Base games should now load from the proper folder in the MLC as of Cemu 1.19.2. So this should fix it loading update ... Zalnor
06:28 AM Cemu Bug #240 (Resolved): Vulkan initialization appears to fail when starting game from command line
Confirmed that Vulkan does work with shortcuts and command lines on Cemu version 1.19.2c. Zalnor
06:25 AM Cemu Bug #367 (Closed): Error when initializing Vulkan Renderer from Command Line
Closed: Copy of issue #240 Zalnor

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