Bug #549

Fatal Frame / Project Zero 12th drop hard lock eshop

Added by chriztr about 2 years ago.

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AMD RX 580 8GB


If you play through the 12th drop with the eShop release of Fatal Frame the game will hard lock when you're trying to touch the ghost at the end of the drop.
It's needed to touch the ghost after you've defeated it to progress further on.
When you touch the ghost a video is supposed to play (overall video playback is broken with the eShop version of this game, only videos is the trail release of the game works. The rest of them won't play in Cemu)
This is driving the emu to a halt where you can't do anything to progress.

If you take the same save file to the disc release of the game all the videos in-game play as normal, including this one.
The video file itself is afaik identical between both releases.
(location of the video for eShop: 0005000c\101d0600\content\0011\movie\EV9042.mp4)
Any video file that's after the free trail of the game doesn't play for whatever reason.

How to get to this point in the game:

  • Load up the 12th drop.
  • Make your way until the big house (you can ignore defeating any ghosts you meet on the way)
  • Open the chest in the middle of the room
  • Defeat the ghost by taking a bunch of fatal pictures of it
  • The ghost will now die but you need to touch it to progress.

Tested with the US eShop release and with the EU disc release (save file is originally from the US version of the game but can be copied over)

Video of how it looks like (ignore the stream overlay and me in the corner, I was bored while checking this one out):


80000001.rar (72.1 KB) 80000001.rar Save file that loads at the 12th drop chriztr, 07/27/2021 09:07 AM
log_fatal_frame_12th_drop.txt (4.37 KB) log_fatal_frame_12th_drop.txt log from cemu chriztr, 07/27/2021 09:08 AM

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