Bug #513

Super Mario 3D World FPS drops, while using the gamecube Controller api

Added by itouchdennis almost 3 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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OpenGL, Vulkan
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Steps to reproduce:

  • Use gamecube USB adapter
  • set up gamecube api and select any controller to configure. Start Super Mario 3D World - even in the intro, the frames drops and the game is stuttering Ingame it's easy to reproduce e.g. in the first 2 levels while using the tubes - if you using 2 players, while one got e.g. a xbox controller and the second is on the gamecube api, the game will stutter when the user with the gamecube controller will use the tube. (Maybe there is an rumble event on it, which can't translate correctly throught the adapter/api so the game stutters)

Same configuration was tested on other games like mario kart 8 -> this game runs fine with the configuration BUT if you select a wii u pro controller and map this to the gamecube controller, mario kart 8 also stutters and got fps drops on this API, while selecting a wii u classic pro controller mapped to the gamecube controller works flawless perfect.

(All other types of controllers works perfectly on each game, it seems like there is a gamecube controller API problem with this game?)



Updated by itouchdennis almost 3 years ago

GPU: AMD Vega64 / CPU i5 6600k / 16 GB RAM

Games like BotW / MK8 runs smoothly perfect on WQHD / FULLHD


Updated by itouchdennis almost 3 years ago

I was able to fix/workaround this, I'm using this adapter:
This one got 2 modes "switch/wii u" and "pc"
On the switch/wii u mode, the adapter will appear in cemu as the gamecube api controller, which seams to create the stuttering in this game - if I switch the adapter to the PC mode, the controllers are listed as devices, so I don't have to use the gamecube api - now the game runs perfectly.


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