Bug #374

Bayonetta 2 total crash

Added by Silverwings92 almost 4 years ago.

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OpenGL, Vulkan
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GeForce GTX 1070ti


The game runs perfectly but suddenly crashes at apparently random intervals without any obvious in-game trigger, although it does seem to happen almost mathematically if the game is interrupted through alt+tab or windows key and then resumed (explanation follows).

The crash is total: sound starts quickly looping (for example, if the crash happens during a punch, you'll hear it's sound repeating constantly) then after a while it fades; game is also completely frozen while this happens. I personally don't know if it's an audio issue but the crash itself affects everything, only thing left to do is to close the emulator (which in itself does not crash).

This issue can occur at any time: it can be cutscenes, it can be outside of battles and inside of battles, but from my small sample it seems to occur more often on certain levels, namely "Chapter III: Paradiso - The Gates of Paradise" and "Chapter VIII - An Ancient Civilization".

I also have a weird occurence related to this bug which might be a clue as to why it happens.
The crash will happen at some point, regardless of what I do, but if I start the game and just "leave it be", as in never open a different window, it will happen much later. However, if while the game is running I press for example the windows button and open anything else, when I come back to the game it's very very likely to crash, in both of the videos I uploaded this is the way I triggered the crash, just open the game, alt+tab or windows key to anything else, back to the game and after a few seconds it crashes. I tried it quite a few times and it seems to happen every single time, I really hope this can be of help although I know it sounds fairly anecdotal but that's exactly what I do to make it trigger quikly.

I tried already different setups, OpenGL or Vulkan makes no difference and in general no settings seem to affect the likelihood of crashing the game. Same with different versions of CEMU, I tried a few, 1.18, 1.17 but the crash happens regardless.

Zip files include the saves together with the log which apparently doesn't say much, here are the links to the videos:


Bayonetta 2 (53.6 KB) Bayonetta 2 Silverwings92, 06/15/2020 07:54 PM

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