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Add way to define default preset in category for graphic packs

Added by Crementif 3 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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Instead of the default option always being the first option in the list of presets, let graphic packs able to define a default preset.

This would make a lot of preset selections properly sorted. It would be used for resolution packs which offer resolutions below or above the default resolution and a lot of other packs.

I can see two ways of implementing it:

  1. Have a [DefaultPreset] that is basically just a Preset except that it's always chosen by default.
  2. Having a default = 1 key in a Preset to indicate that it should be chosen by default. This could be added without a version bump instead of the suggestion above since it would be more or less an optional feature.

That's basically the idea. Maybe (add a way to) make the default option visually stand out or have a reset button somewhere.



Updated by Crementif 3 months ago

Also, I forgot to mention that this has no impact on the order or the way how it's sorted. Kinda made it sound like that.

Here's also a more concise example for one of the suggested implementations. Basically, the following code

category = Resolution
name = 640x360
$width = 640
$height = 360

category = Resolution
name = 960x540
$width = 960
$height = 540

category = Resolution
name = 1280x720 (Default)
$width = 1280
$height = 720

category = Resolution
name = 1600x900
$width = 1600
$height = 900

would produce something like:
showcase of order
The 1280x720p option is selected because it uses the [DefaultPreset] section name and the user hasn't changed the preset.

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